Collaborative Writing and Editing: Towards Greater Understanding and Inclusivity Workshop with Ashley Moore and Crista Siglin 08.05.22 in Berlin, Lettrétage

Sonntag 08.05.22
Einlass: 16:30, Beginn: 17:00
Lettrétage, Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin

Tickets – Collaborative Writing and Editing: Towards Greater Understanding and Inclusivity Berlin


The “romantic” image of the writer in isolation has long been a myth in practice: creative work has always been collaborative, especially in the fields of literary writing and translation. Contemporary creatives are starting to acknowledge this by publicly sharing authorship on publications, and present trends point to the potential for even greater collaboration in literary fiction, poetry, and translation. In this workshop, SAND Editor in Chief Ashley Moore and SAND Poetry Co-Editor Crista Siglin will discuss best practices, frameworks, and strategies for successful collaborative writing and editing. Participants will then have a chance to apply these strategies in hands-on group exercises. The workshop will approach the topic from both the publisher’s and the individual writer's perspectives, using literary fiction and poetry as springboards for discussion.

Ashley Moore is originally from Oklahoma, USA. She is a writer, an educator, and the Editor in Chief at SAND. Ashley teaches at the University of Bayreuth and also runs webinars and workshops on fiction writing, editing, and submitting to literary publishers. Her fiction was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize 2020, and her flash fiction was selected by Manuel Gonzales for Wigleaf's Top 50 Very Short Fictions 2018. Her experimental prose can be found in the indie publications she most admires.

Crista Siglin grew up in the Midwestern US and earned a BFA in Painting and Creative Writing from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her art and poetry explore the body and the mind’s relationship to environment, trauma, time, and phantasmagoria. She is Poetry Co-Editor at SAND, runs Poetry As__A Workshop, and has run a workshop with the Poetry Foundation. Crista’s first book of poetry, Fleeting, Sacred was published by Spartan Press in 2015. Unpleasable Nature was released in 2020 by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press.