The How to Book-Swap Party! By The Reader Berlin, Siena Powers, and Victor Breidenbach 07.04.23 in Berlin, Lettrétage in der Veteranenstr.

Freitag 07.04.23
Einlass: 19:00, Beginn: 19:00
Lettrétage in der Veteranenstr. , Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin

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It is time to let go of the fantasy that you will ever read Thomas Mann’s Der Zauberberg or Alfred Doblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz. They have been judging you from their high shelf for long enough. You are an adult and will never find the time to read them! The time has come to let someone else carry the burden for a while.

This book swap is about saying goodbye to the ambitions that are weighing us down. It’s about unshackling yourself free! So bring one or two books for the pile, but also make specific gifts to friends or foes. Offer unsolicited advice. Gift kinky novels to prudish friends. Try to sell someone a book they don’t want. Really give it your best. Work all the angles. Maybe you have a future in sales and this party is where you discover it! Challenge someone to a sing off for the book you both want to take home. There may be hard feelings, which is why there will be wine and wrestling referees. Just don’t bring the books from the bottom of your book barrel. Books are tools and we need to start sharing ours with intent.

Bring your friends! The only must is to bring a couple of books to swap and to read the fine print. Don’t worry, there will be posters (Illustrated by Siena Miller and written by Victor Breidenbach) with all the information you will need.