Live electronics & poetry: Love&Democracy Part 3 08.12.23 in Berlin, Lettrétage

Freitag 08.12.23
Einlass: 19:30, Beginn: 20:00
Lettrétage, Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin

Tickets – Live electronics & poetry: Love&Democracy Part 3 Berlin


Concert featuring the voices of Ellen Hinsey, Katherina Oguntoye, Carolyn Gammon,  Mariam Rasheed, Elli Goodman.

Composer and sound artist Paul Brody will perform his third set of musical compositions inspired by the voices of poets he recorded. The poets in this round will share their sense of belonging and exclusion. Poet, community builder and activist Katherina Oguntoye, for example, tells about growing up Afro-German in Zwickau, while the young queer poet Elli Goodman satirically recounts how they discussed femininity with their doctor.

To create a unique soundscape for each voice, Brody asked the poets for the sounds they associate with their selected poem. He put the collected sounds into the sampler he will play as custom made musical instruments. His compositions will not only function as a musical translations of the poems, but also reflect the five unique sound worlds that the poems have been written in.

Scientist and artist Mariam Rasheed ponders on the Arabic word for the quality of being foreign, which she translates as foreignness to describe talking with her grandmother about living in Berlin. Historian and activist Carolyn Gammon shares a poem about the significance of music during her mother’s last years with Alzheimer's disease. Poet and political essayist Ellen Hinsey questions our ability to interpret sanely the world at all.